HoroScope | Calculating your horoscope

Calculating your horoscope

In determining you current horoscope the said horoscope drawing is compared to the current horoscope drawing. In addition to planets and signs astrologers also look at other factors, such as the houses (this is another way of dividing the night sky; certain positions of the planets within the zodiacal signs and aspects (the angles of planets in relation to one another). All these factors together indicate within which phase of your life a certain planet will manifest itself most clearly.

What's written in your horoscope depends on the skills and talent of the astrologer to interpret the symbols as accurately as possible. If the symbols are translated too literally, their deeper meaning may be lost. To determine your horoscope the astrologer analyses your horoscope drawing and translates the symbols into a clear answer that can be expressed in words. This answer you will find in your horoscope.
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